This privacy policy is effective from May 25, 2018. This privacy policy outlines the processing of customer personal data. The customer must accept the terms of this privacy policy to use the online store.

1. Data Controller Hei Trading Oy

Business ID: 2834427-8

Aleksanterinkatu 17 B

15110 Lahti

2. Contact Person for Register Matters Antti Kettunen

Phone: +35810 281 7717

3. Register Name Hei Trading Oy customer register based on customer relationship and appropriate contact (”Hei Trading Oy Customer Register”)

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Data The register is used for Hei Trading Oy billing, collection, and customer identification. The customer register is also used to fulfill statutory obligations, reporting requirements, and inquiries in accordance with the law and authorities' guidelines.

Personal data is used within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act for the management, administration, and development of customer relationships, analysis, statistics, and the provision, offering, and development of information services.

Customer information contained in the register may be used for marketing purposes by Hei Trading Oy and its affiliated companies, as well as their partners, for marketing purposes, market research, and the organization of marketing competitions, without disclosing personal data to external parties.

5. Register Data Content Hei Trading Oy customer register contains the following information:

Customer basic information and identifying identifiers:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Other information provided by the customer

Information related to customer relationship:

  • Start date of customer relationship
  • Information related to billing and collection
  • Use of free services (e.g., newsletters), targeted and other benefits and campaigns related to the registered individual, as well as their use (including information related to campaigns by the register controller's partners)
  • Direct marketing permissions and prohibitions, as well as information related to marketing targeting
  • Information required to fulfill legal obligations, such as necessary information for compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act.

6. Regular Data Sources Primarily, information provided by the customer. In addition, personal data may be collected and updated from the registers of Hei Trading Oy and its affiliated companies, population information system, credit information registers, and other similar public or private registers and information sources, as well as from the partners of the register controller.

7. Regular Data Disclosures and Transfer of Data Outside the EU or the European Economic Area Data is not transferred outside the EU or the EEA. Personal data is not otherwise disclosed to third parties, except for:

  • authorities in legal cases
  • companies responsible for billing and collection on behalf of the data controller
  • marketing purposes described in section 9

8. Register Protection Principles Manual material is kept appropriately locked. Electronically stored data is kept in appropriately protected systems requiring user identification. Data is treated confidentially, and external parties do not have access to it.

The register is located in a protected and monitored device space. The personnel of the register controller are bound by confidentiality regarding the register's information, and access to the register is technically and physically protected.

9. Marketing Data from the register may be sold or transferred to Hei Trading Oy's selected partners for direct marketing purposes, market research, and the organization of marketing competitions, unless the registered individual has specifically prohibited the transfer of data. Hei Trading Oy may use customer data for its own direct advertising, distance sales, and other direct marketing activities (including electronic communication).

10. Right to Inspection The registered individual has the right to inspect the information stored in the register concerning them. A request for information inspection must be made in writing and signed to the data controller at Aleksanterinkatu 17 B, 15110 Lahti.

11. Correction of Information The customer may, according to section 29 of the Personal Data Act, update and modify their own information by informing the data controller using the contact information mentioned in section 2.

12. Right to Prohibit The registered individual has, according to the Personal Data Act, the right to prohibit Hei Trading Oy from processing information about themselves for direct advertising, distance sales, and other direct marketing purposes, as well as market and opinion research. The customer can prohibit marketing by sending the prohibition by email to or in writing and signed to the data controller at Aleksanterinkatu 17 B, 15110 Lahti.

13. Cookies A cookie is an identification file that the service sends to your device. Cookies are used to manage service events. Hei Trading Oy uses cookies solely to enhance user experiences and the overall level of service, as well as to analyze the use of its website for marketing and quality control purposes.

Hei Trading Oy may also use third-party cookies for the purpose of supporting Hei Trading Oy in analyzing and evaluating the use of its websites.

The registered individual can change their web browser settings to block all or only those cookies that do not come directly from Hei Trading Oy's service. The registered individual can also change their browser settings to receive information about the current use of cookies. If all cookies are blocked, Hei Trading Oy's service may cease to function either entirely or partially.

14. Page Protection Our website is protected with an SSL certificate (sometimes also referred to as an https certificate).


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