Q. What is TOOLOUTLET? Are you selling outlet/used stuff?
A. Nope. We are official retailer and/or importer for various quality brands and only sell items that we have approved ourselves. We handle most of the warranty and maintenance cases directly.

Q. Is TOOLOUTLET some faceless multinational and multi-sector webstore?

A. Nope. We are 100% Finnish company specialized in tools and machinery. Our roots are in Heinola Finland and our warehouse and pick-up store is still located there. Our store is located in address Pohjanmäentie 2, Heinola (business days 8:00-16:30).

Q. What are the delivery times for orders?
A. Stock items are normally sent during business day of order if the order is made before 2 PM. Delivery times for international orders are the following:

  • Nordics: 3-5 business days
    • Rest of Europe: 2-7 business days
    • Rest of the world: 6-14 business days

    Local customs operations may affect the shipment time.

    Q. What is the shipping cost?
    A. Shipping cost depend on the order, namely weight and destination. You can see the shipping cost for individual products on their product page, and the total cost of shipping in the cart.

    Q. Does tool X fit for purpose Y? Can I test and return?
    A. Although we like to think that we understand our products very well for different applications, there are cases in which we cannot be certain that specific tools are suitable for specific tasks (namely car tools). In these cases, you can order the tool in question and test it out and return it if it doesn't suit the task at hand as long as the product is in good condition, unused (no signs of use), all parts in package and return is done within x days of delivery. If we can clearly see that the product has been used and is not in the condition for resale - the right of return is not applicable anymore.

    Q. Voinko maksaa laskulla?
    A. Yritykset voivat maksaa laskulla. Yksityisasiakkaat voivat maksaa laskulla Klarnan kautta.

    Q. Valitsin väärän toimitustavan tilaukselleni, voiko toimitustavan vielä vaihtaa?
    A. Tilauksen toimitustapa voidaan vaihtaa mikäli paketti ei ole vielä lähtenyt matkaan ottamalla yhteyttä asiakaspalveluumme. Mikäli uusi toimitustapa aiheuttaa lähettäjälle kustannuksia, veloitetaan ne voimassa olevan toimituskuluhinnaston mukaisesti asiakkaalta.


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